Hawkeye Cricket widescreen.jpgWith over 20 years of experience as an applied academic researcher and numerous publications in sports officiating and high pressure decision making, Duncan would be happy discuss your research needs.

Current Research

Duncan’s current research projects include investigating decision making in cricket & football, exploring eye-tracking in basketball and player-referee interactions in rugby union.



Selected Publications

MacMahon, C., Mascarenhas, D. R. D., Plessner, H., Pizzera, A., Oudejans, R., & Raab, M. (2015). Sports officials & officiating: Science and practice. Oxon, Routledge.

Cunningham, I., Simmons, P., Mascarenhas, D. R. D., & Redhead, S. (2014). Skilled Interaction: Concepts of communication and player management in the development of sports officials, International Journal of Sports Communication, 7(2), 166-187.

Cunningham, I., Mellick, M., Mascarenhas D. R. D., & Fleming, S. (2012). Decision making and decision communication in elite rugby union referees, Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, 18(2), 19-30.

Mascarenhas, D. R. D., & Smith, N. C. (2011). Developing the performance brain: Decision making under pressure. In, D. Collins, H. Richards, & C. Button, Performance Psychology – Developing a Peak Performance Culture. Elsevier, pp. 245-267.

Mascarenhas, D. R. D., O’Hare, D., & Plessner, H. (2006).  The psychological and performance demands of association football refereeing. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 37, 99-120.

Mascarenhas, D. R. D., Collins, D., Mortimer, P., & Morris, R.L. (2005). A naturalistic approach to training coherent decision-making in rugby union referees. The Sport Psychologist, 19, 131-147.

Mascarenhas, D. R. D., Collins, D., & Mortimer, P. (2005). Elite Refereeing Performance: Developing a Model for Sport Science Support. The Sport Psychologist, 19, 364-379.

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