Textbook on the Science and Practice of Sports Officiating:

Download some of Duncan’s research papers from Research Gate.

Some recent publications:

Cunningham, I., Simmons, P., & Mascarenhas, D. (2018). Sport officials’ strategies for managing interactions with players: Face-work on the front-stage. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 39, 154-162. doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2018.08.009

Richards, P., Collins, D., & Mascarenhas, D. R. D. (2017). Developing team decision-making: a holistic framework integrating both on-field and off-field pedagogical coaching processes. Sports Coaching Review, 6(1), (57-75). doi:10.1080/21640629.2016.1200819. ISSN 2164-0629

Cunningham, I., Simmons, P., Mascarenhas D. R. D., & Redhead, S. (2015). Exploring player communication in interactions with sport officials. Movement and Sport Sciences – Science and MotricitĂ©, 87(87), (79-89). ISSN 2118-5735

Cunningham, I., Simmons, P., Mascarenhas, D., & Redhead, S. (2014). Skilled interaction: Concepts of communication and player management in the development of sports officials. International Journal of Sport Communication, 7(2), (166-187). ISSN 1936-3915

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