World’s First Masters Degree for Sports Officials

The brand new MSc Performance Enhancement in Sports Officiating is designed for national and international level referees/umpires. This part-time masters degree runs 100% online, so you can complete it in your own time, wherever you are!

Based at Edinburgh Napier University you will have checkpoints through the year designed to help share expertise with other national/international level officials. You will meet your tutors who will mentor you through your degree with ongoing online support and video based activities.

Course Structure:

Trimester 1 – Work Based Learning for Sports Officials: You will complete a 360 degree profile, including peer/coach/self-reflections to identify areas for your personal development.

Trimester 2 – Communication & Game Management: Through extensive use of video you will learn the different ways in which players try to influence you, your own typical conflict management style and how to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills for developing more effective relationships.

Trimester 3 – Leadership and Organisational Management for Sports Officials: You will learn contemporary theories to relate to your own leadership capabilities and evaluate them in relation to effective organisational, team and game management.

After year one you have the option of exiting with a PG-Certificate Performance Enhancement in Sports Officiating, or you can continue to year 2:

Trimester 1 – High-Pressure Decision Making: Using theories developed in the military, fire-fighting and NASA space control you will learn about principles of decision training. Addressing a hot topic in your sport you will be guided through mechanisms to assess and train more accurate in-game decisions for you and your colleagues.

Trimester 2 & 3 – Independent Study: In this module you will be encouraged to research a practice-based problem, tailored to suit your own personal needs in your sporting context. The module is designed flexibly to develop your critical and reflective thinking in relation to your own professional needs.

IMG_1075 Whistle-cropAfter year two you have the option of exiting with a PG-Diploma Performance Enhancement in Sports Officiating, or you can continue to year 3:

Trimester’s 1, 2 & 3 (September to August) – Research Project: This module will require you to conduct a programme of independent research within your practice, led by a supervisor with expertise in the area.

Interested? Drop Duncan a line at, or click here for information on Fees and to How to Apply.

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