Verbal Communication Training Video

Last summer Duncan teamed up with Paul Box-Granger from the National Programme Umpiring Association (NPUA hockey umpires) to create a verbal communication training video. Highlighting the latest research from Dr Ian Cunningham in Australia Duncan used a series of elite hockey clips to show examples of good and bad practice.

Ian interviewed officiating managers in a range of invasion games and developed a performance model for officiating communication. The model indicates a foundation of personal qualities, such as respect, competence and approachability. Building on this officials need to have good one-way communication skills. This represents the ability to effectively deliver a decision with confidence and clarity. Moving higher up the model, top official have good situation monitoring skills, where they are able to read players frustrations and grievances early. Finally, the top officials showed skilled interactions, through a combination of reading players and managing them effectively. For more information on the video contact Duncan directly:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 18.51.58

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