Sports Officiating Publication

Six international researchers pooled their expertise to produce the world’s first textbook that summarises the current research on sports officials and officiating. Drawing upon the research evidence base, which has only really started gaining momentum since 2000, Clare MacMahon (Swinburne University, Melbourne), Duncan Mascarenhas (Wrexham Glyndwr University, Wales), Henning Plessner (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Alexandra Pizzera (German Sport University, Cologne) Raoul Oudejans (VU University, Netherlands) and Markus Raab (German Sport University, Cologne) combined with international sports officials to provide the latest knowledge on sports officiating.

The book comprises the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Development of Officials
  3. Physical Demands
  4. Visual Perception
  5. Judgement & Decision Making
  6. Interaction & Game Management
  7. Psychological Demands & Skills
  8. Technology
  9. Selection, Training & Evaluation
  10. Conclusion

With each chapter presenting an “Officials Call” section where international officials (Holger Albrecht – Gymnastics, Wayne Barnes – Rugby Union, Ralf Brand – Basketball, Janie Frampton – Football, Graham Hughes – Rugby Union, Marika Humphreys-Baranova – Ice Skating, Jacqui Jashari – Netball, Tom Lopes – Basketball, Bill Midenhall – Basketball, Tony Parker – Squash, Chris White – Rugby Union) present their perspective upon each topic to bring the text to life.

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